What is the Difference between the satin Lined Collection Study Light , Extra Light and The Original ?

The outer material is the main difference and it’s all about preference.

  • The Extra light material is light and breathable, has a silky sheen to it with amazing vibrant colors.
  •  The sturdy light material is sturdy and breathable, textured with matte rich color. Perfect for all seasons.
  • The Original is light, breathable and has multi colors giving it a sassy vibrant look.

Can they be used by everyone including people with short hair ?

Yes... The satin lined caps and the reversible caps are for everyone who is keen on healthy hair care or is new to hair care. Our products are easy to use and convenient. are fit for everyone including people with alopecia, hair loss, long short, bulky hairstyles... name it!

How are the caps Adjustable ?

There are buttons and button holes placed on the elastic band. The button holes are spaced on the elastic band where you can gradually increase or reduce the size. I.e The first button hole slightly reduces the cap for a snug fit and look, then the next hole for a different slightly smaller measurement, till the last button hole which reduces its diameter hence circumference of the cap to fit even a 2year old. The button system also makes it more comfortable and when the elastic stretches out due to normal stretch wear and tear, you go to the next button for a better fit.

How is the Reversible Satin cap Adjustable ?

It has draw strings and Incognito elastic band attached to them which make you be in control of the amount of tension that suits while at the same time holding the cap in place protecting your hair while you sleep.

ps. It can also fit a 2 year old as you can tie and reduce the radius completely.

What is the Difference between Large and Medium ?

Cap and size Guide;

The volume of the caps is equal (can hold same amount & lengths of hair) the main difference being the circumference of the cap. Medium 22’’ and large 24” .They are both adjustable to kids size 2 years and older. You can tuck the back if it’s too long for kids or self.

Washing Instructions. 

You can just toss them in the washer or washing machine comfortably. The are also safe for hand washing. Just be careful not to pull the seams.