Brand Story..



VisViva Satin Beauty was founded by Victoria Kusero an aeronautical engineer, Tv & Film Producer & former model. She couldn't find anything that was adjustable, comfortable , cute and versatile enough to protect her hair with her busy lifestyle and wanting to look good all the time. From Picking up a zoom call...rushing to drop the kids to school..rushing to work...the store...Hosting...Holidays...Anything & Everything.

With her experience in fashion and being a former model& engineer, a few tweaks here and there and perfect measurements and research, she developed the products paying attention to every single detail including the fashion aspect and included amazing colors.

The adjustable satin lined caps were perfect and best of all, she could  adjust them to fit her daughters little heads without coming off at night.

This was a huge win!

The satin lined caps & bonnets are Functional, Fashionable, Comfortable and Versatile enough to Protect and fit Bulky Hairstyles , Run Errands, Gym, Vacation etc 

The reversible satin caps and Hook & Edge Scarves are all quite versatile and functional and can be worn both daytime and night time ! Wear them with confidence anyhow anywhere !  LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD. 

Our products are made in Kenya with love our amazing family of men and women who give their all to create the best products. We choose our materials carefully and are made in our workshop. We don't compromise on Quality.