Reversible Satin Lined Caps

Reversible Satin cap

This bonnet is made from luxury silk satin and is nothing short of amazing !
It has an incognito band on the inside joined to the ties which enables one to adjust to desired tension. The elastic prevents it from slipping off in the middle of the night.
It’s also the perfect scrub cap and it can be worn indoors and outdoors.
You just need to feel and experience this one for yourself.

Versatile and speaks classy! An alternative to the ordinary satin bonnet with a twist of fancy, classy & cute. You will love to wear this bonnet! It Can be worn on both sides as the colors are deep and rich.And forget about the forehead wrinkles...The cap can be used to lay your edges flat!!
Discover more ways to style these caps and share with us!

Our products are made with love from Kenya in our workshop by our amazing family of men and women who give their all to create the best products.