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Prevent FRIZZ, , Preserve HAIRSTYLES, Have less SPLIT ENDS, Prevent BREAKAGE, TANGLING , Maintain MOISTURE and so much more using these Adjustable, Versatile, Soft, Comfortable satin caps that have enough room to fit long & short hair or braids, bulky hairstyles, loc's Any type of hair.

They are  light and breathable, have a silky feel & sheen to them with amazing vibrant colors making them perfect for sleeping, Gym, outdoor, Chilling, quick errands etc.

They Fit kids due to their adjustable button feature!!

Cap and size Guide;

The extra light  has a light material that stretches quite a bit hence has only one size.

The volume of the caps is equal (can hold same amount & lengths of hair) the main difference being the circumference of the cap. Medium 22’’ and large 24” .They are both adjustable to kids size 2 years and older. You can tuck the back if it’s too long for kids or self.

There are 3 collections on the caps

The outer material is the main difference and it’s all just a matter of preference.

- Extra light : light and breathable, has a silky sheen to it with amazing vibrant colors
- Sturdy Light : breathable, textured with matte rich color. Perfect for all seasons
- Original : breathable and has multi colors giving it a sassy vibrant look.

Our products are made with love from Kenya in our workshop by our amazing family of men and women who give their all to create the best products. We appreciate your support and hope you love our products!